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Are you a photography enthusiast, professional, beginner or somewhere in between? There's no doubt that Photography is one of the world's most popular hobbies. Cameras have become a part of millions of people's daily lives. There are cameras in your cell phone and on your computer. You may have a "Point and Shoot" camera, Digital SLR camera or something we call "Tweeners". There are Video cameras, older film cameras and the list goes on. Many people ask themselves what type of camera they need. We're confident we can help with that, but more important, we want to help you capture the pictures you want, with the camera you have with you at the time. 

We welcome you to look around the SnapShot website. It may end up being your future photography classroom. Take a look at the wonderful images posted under "Tim's Gallery". You will find it on the moving film strip at the top of this page. Send us an email with your questions. We will either answer them on the air, or as an email back to you. In time you will find recommendations on cameras, lenses, accessories, photo printers and more. We're here to help you navigate through the world of photography. Our goal is to make photography more enjoyable for you. A hobby is supposed to be fun, let's keep it that way.


Happy Shoot!
Jeff, Tim & Jamie

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